Great North Art Show Terms and Conditions

  1. All work submitted for Exhibition at Great North Art Show must be new original work and not in breach of copyright. Giclée prints will not be accepted, except in the case of photographic works
  2. Artists should submit their work online accompanied by a brief Artist’s Statement of between fifty and eighty words with a CV. If you wish, as it is always of interest to our visitors, details about you art training may be added.Great North Art Showreserves the right to edit the Artist’s Statement.
  3. Great North Art Show reserves the right at its absolute discretion to reject any work considered to be unsuitable for the venue, or presented in a condition which for any reason is considered unacceptable.
  4. We have a Minimum Sale Price of £350 for all original art work in the main exhibition, with the exception of small prints which have a minimum price of £120. These minimum prices do not apply to works sold by Artists in the Pop Up Shop.
  5. Great North Art Show will retain a 35% commission of receipts from all sales, with the remainder being paid to the Artist. Commission will be payable on all sales agreed during the exhibition, or resulting from the display of works at the Exhibition, whether agreed by the organisers or the Artist personally, either during or after the exhibition.
  6. Unsold works must be collected from Ripon Cathedral on the specified Collection Day, unless otherwise agreed with the organisers. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, alternative arrangements may be made by contacting: 07803 136067. Unsold works not collected within 30 days after the end of the Exhibition may be sold by Great North Art Show and the NET proceeds of sale held on behalf of the artist; subject to deduction of a reasonable charge for storage – £40.
  7. The Copyright of all works submitted for exhibition will remain the property of the artist, but Great North Art Show reservesthe right of reproduction of all works displayed in the Exhibition for publicity/educational/reference purposes connected with the Exhibition.
  8. Personal information supplied by artists will be held by GNAS in accordance with Data Protection Legislation. Such information will only be used for the purpose of administering the Exhibition and may be retained permanently by Great North Art Show for record and research purposes.
  9. Every reasonable care will be taken to avoid damage to works of art and their frames whilst in the custody of Great North Art Show, but no responsibility can be taken for damage caused by a third party or from any cause not reasonably under the control of Great North Art Show. Artists must have Third Party Insurance cover.
  10. The hanging process is designed to create a coherent Exhibition, and as such is not up for discussion with individual artists.
  11. Any decision by the Trustees of Great North Art Show in applying these Terms & Conditions and the terms of anything agreed in writing with Artists will be final.
  12. All Artwork presented must be For Sale.

On behalf of the Trustees of Great North Art Show


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