AM I ELIGIBLE TO ENTER? If you were born, lived, or currently reside in the North of England. Artists who have graduated from a college or university based in the North of England are also eligible to enter.

CAN ANY ARTIST ENTER? We accept all artists, at any stage in their careers.

HOW DO I ENTER? Fill in the online application form.

WHAT ARTWORK CAN I SUBMIT? All work must be original, recent work and not in breach of copyright.

HOW MANY ARTWORKS CAN I SUBMIT? Artists can submit 6 artworks, preferably the ones you plan to exhibit. Any alterations to your exhibition list must be notified to GNAS by 1st August 2017 latest.

N.B. In our experience a harmonious body of work submitted for exhibition is more likely to be selected than a hotchpotch of work in different styles, mediums, etc.

HOW MUCH IS IT TO SUBMIT? There is a new exhibition fee of £145, including a non-refundable charge of £40 which is required for your initial application. This can be submitted online (preferably) or by cheque made payable to “Great North Art Show”. Accepted artists will pay the outstanding £105 upon selection.

WHAT MEDIUMS ARE ACCEPTABLE? All mediums are acceptable, including printmaking, photography, textiles, illustrations and sculpture.

IS THERE A SIZE LIMIT? There is no limit, but paintings must be in quality frames and fitted with adequate mirror plates. There will be a £5 charge if works delivered to the exhibition do not have the appropriate mirror plates.

N.B. The Great North Art Show is a selling exhibition and must have quality frames (unfortunately, last year some artworks did not sell because the purchasers did not want to buy works that they would have to reframe). The Great North Art Show reserves the right to not exhibit works that are poorly framed.

If paintings are unframed, rebates must be painted and a minimum of 3cm.

SHOULD I MEASURE MY WORK WITH OR WITHOUT THE FRAME? Please measure your work without a frame.

HOW DO I SUBMIT MY IMAGES? Please use our new ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM at the foot of the Call For Artists page. Each image must be saved as Jpeg, Jpg, png or gif (Max 5MB per image) . Each image must be named with your surname, first name and brief title, e.g. JonesFred_Title.jpeg.

Images may be submitted on disk and sent with your Application Form, alternatively you may email your images to info@greatnorthartshow.co.uk but don’t forget to send your application form and cheque in the mail.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY SUBMISSION IS SUCCESSFUL? You will be notified by email as soon as final judging has been completed.

HOW DO I HAND IN MY WORK? Artists should deliver their works to Ripon Cathedral on Tuesday 29th August 2017, 10.00am-4.00pm. There is plenty of parking at the front of the Cathedral. All works must be clearly labelled on the back with the title, name of artist, medium and price. We recommend that works are protected by cellophane or protective wrapping.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I WIN A PRIZE? It will be announced and presented at the Preview Evening on Friday 1st September 2017.

HOW DO I GET TICKETS TO THE PREVIEW? You will receive two complementary tickets to the Preview Evening. If you would like additional tickets (£10), please contact: info@greatnorthartshow.co.uk

WHAT ARE MYSTERY PICTURES? Artists are asked to donate one or two small sketches/studies/paintings or etchings, which will be hung as a mini exhibition. Each painting will sell for £40-£60 and the artist’s identity is only revealed after the picture has been bought. The proceeds go toward a charity in keeping with the objectives of GNAS.

WHAT IS THE POP-UP SHOP? Exhibiting artists will have the opportunity to sell smaller original works, prints and cards. The normal rate of 35% will be charged on all sales.

HOW WILL I GET PAID FOR SOLD WORKS? GNAS will send you a cheque for works sold, less the 35% commission, shortly after the end of the show.

WHEN SHOULD I COLLECT UNSOLD WORKS? All unsold works must be collected from Ripon Cathedral by Monday 26th September 2016 as there is little space in the Cathedral.



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