“The most fascinating characteristic of the human face is its ability to communicate.”

Ruth Fitton is an artist and portrait painter based in Yorkshire, UK. Fascinated by portraiture from an early age, Ruth has devoted years to the quest of capturing the human face and its endless nuances of character and expression. Diligent practice and constant experimentation result in an every-growing collection of stunning artworks, presenting uniquely characterful and charismatic renderings of her models. Ruth is highly sought-after as a commissioning artist, and has exhibited across Yorkshire and in London. She is renowned for her ability to capture character on canvas.

Helen Fitton 2 hr study

Helen Fitton, 2 hour study

During this year’s show, Ruth will be in the Cathedral to paint “alla prima” portrait studies. Literally meaning “at once” in Italian, alla prima is a term used to describe a painting which is completed in one go, rather than over an extended period of time, giving the painting a feeling of freshness and immediacy.

There are a limited number of places, and these 2-hour studies are not generally available on commission, so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to come and sit for your own portrait study.

Each Sitting will be:

  • Times: 10.30am-12.30pm or 2.00pm-4.00pm
  • Cost of £200 (£50 deposit, payable on booking)
  • Studies will remain on display in Ripon Cathedral for the rest of the show (to be collected on Monday, 26th September, 10.00am-4.00pm)
  • Minimum Age, 12+

Available Dates:

  • Saturday 3rd September:  AM + PM
  • Tuesday 6th September:  AM + PM
  • Thursday 8th September:  AM + PM
  • Saturday 10th September:  AM + PM
  • Tuesday 13th September:  AM + PM
  • Thursday 15th September:  AM + PM
  • Saturday 17th September:  AM + PM
  • Tuesday 20th September:  AM + PM
  • Thursday 22nd September:  AM + PM
  • Saturday 24th September:  AM + PM

To book please contact Emma Beckwith: 07925 617565 or email info@greatnorthartshow.co.uk



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