Jill in the Studio

What’s your background?

Since I was a child I have always felt compelled to draw and make things.  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t in love with art.  It has always been part of my life.  When I moved to the beautiful North East of England I decided to paint full-time and to study Fine Art at the University of Sunderland and graduated in 2014.

Explain what you do in 100 words

My painting is a response to the wild and beautiful North Pennines landscape.  Underlying my work is the consciousness that although I look at the landscape I am also within it and this, for me, means painting what is experienced as well as what is seen.  Within my work, I am attempting to find a balance between abstraction and representation that will express this.  My working process begins with the site visits where I sketch, take photographs and make notes.  Then, in the studio, I develop my ideas, making intuitive, direct gestural marks which guide the progress of the painting.

Jill Campbell - October Sunrise

October Sunrise

What five words best describe your work?

Lyrical, responsive, atmospheric, expressive, painterly.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am at the exciting stage of planning a new project.  I am about to start work for two solo exhibitions next year.  I will be basing my paintings on the Teesdale landscape around Bowlees.  I am really looking forward to going over there for sketching and then seeing what happens in the studio!

Which three artists inspire you?

I have many favourites, but if I had to chose three that inspire me, I would say: Sheila Fell, Joan Eardley, Barbara Rae.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Go bigger!” (Although I am very bad at taking advice, I know in my heart I should pay attention to this!)

Jill Campbell - Fell Morning

Fell Morning

Favourite or most inspirational place in Yorkshire?

I love the landscape around the Cleveland Hills.  I never tire of looking at it… the ever changing light and colours.

Tell us something we don’t know

I trained as a garden designer and ran my own business when I lived in Cardiff.



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