From saints to selfies: Great North Art Show 2014 unveils a fascinating new portrait exhibition

Since the beginning of time, people have sought to create lasting images of the people and faces they see around them.

From the Ancient Egyptian wall paintings of gods and pharaohs, right through to the modern day “selfie”, portraits have been used to convey not only physical form, but also power and status.

They offer a fascinating insight into society and its values, as well as a very personal glimpse into the life of the subject.

Since its founding by Saint Wilfrid right through to modern day, Ripon Cathedral has brought people together to reflect on the world around them. Fitting, then, that it should host Great North Art Show and its new portraiture collection for 2014.

Saint Wilfrid


Portraiture at Great North Art Show

For the first time this year, Great North Art Show will include a dedicated portrait artists exhibition.

The exhibition will include contemporary works including photographs, paintings and sculpture; alongside Ripon Cathedral’s own Royal Portraits special collection.

Inspired by the fascinating regal history depicted in Ripon Cathedral’s royal portraiture collection, the 2014 portrait artists exhibition and associated lectures will give visitors a chance to compare artist techniques and commission their own unique family portrait.

Would you like a portrait of your family or your pets? This year’s show is your chance to browse different styles and select an artist.


The Royal Portraits at Ripon Cathedral

The Dean and Chapter of Ripon Cathedral have in their possession a unique collection of Royal Portraits of Kings and Queens, which we are delighted will form part of the 2014 Great North Art Show portrait artists collection.

The Royal Portraits form part, or possibly the whole of one set of so-called ‘Long Gallery’ portraits. The panels are thought to date from the reign of James I and to have originally hung in Newby Hall.

The Royal Portraits collection will be discussed in more detail in a future blog post, so do check back for more information.

Ripon Cathedral Royal Portraits


Great North Art Show Portrait Artists

We are delighted to announce the portrait artists who will be exhibiting at Great North Art Show 2014:


An award-winning artist Catherine Inglis works predominantly in soft pastels, and is well know for her wildlife work. She specialises in commission work for portraits and animal portraits.

An elected member of the Society of Women Artists, Catherine won two awards in the Society’s 150th exhibition in the Mall Galleries London. Catherine has exhibited at the Kennel Club Art Gallery, London. She exhibits throughout the UK, and has held several solo exhibitions.

Catherine is a founder member of East Riding Artists (ERA) and a Promoter and Professional Associate of the Society for All Artists, for which she is also a demonstrator.

David Hockney by Catherine Inglis

David Hockney by Catherine Inglis


  • Ed Hullah

Self taught artist Ed Hullan has a penchant for portraits, having spent a week working alongside Andrew James, Vice President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters (RP).

Born in Ripon and now living in Coverdale, Ed spent over fifty years abroad. He works mostly in oils, but also a significant amount in charcoal and pastel.

Ed has exhibited at The Artist’s Magazine annual national event at Patchings Art Centre and at the TAPC National Art Festival, winning an award at the latter earlier this year.

“Good painting and a likeness? It’s not easy to combine; but when it satisfies the viewer, it’s elating.’

-Ed Hullah, 2014

I know! by Ed Hullah

I know! by Ed Hullah


Nina Greenwood has worked in pastels now for many years.

She has exhibited at the Pastel Society annual show at the Mall Galleries, London, intermittently since 1983.

Her more recent work extends into oils and watercolour; her pastel technique complemented by experimental techniques with acrylic-coloured and textured supports.

Nina blogs about her process here.

“My aim [with this work] was to retain the freshness, physicality and dynamism of pastel, while exploiting the more subtle and richer tones of a wet medium.”

– Nina Greenwood, 2014



Yorkshire-based Ruth Fitton is an artist and portrait painter.

Self-taught, her lifelong passion for portraiture has given rise to many years of training and experience. From an early age, Ruth has been fascinated by the idea of capturing personality, that spark of life that goes beyond mere likeness, within a work of art. This incentive has combined with diligent practice and constant experimentation, to result in an impressive portfolio of portraits bursting with energy and life.

Ruth is highly sought-after as a commissioning artist, and has exhibited across Yorkshire. She is renowned for her ability to capture character on canvas.

“Realist portraiture has always been my passion. I delight in the quest to evoke a spark with each piece of work: to capture the energy and character of my subject, or the vitality of a single moment, through painting. This is my incentive and inspiration. I paint in oils, creating smoothness of texture and depth of colour through the use of multiple glazes.”

– Ruth Fitton, 2014

In Loving Memory by Ruth Fitton

In Loving Memory by Ruth Fitton


Essex-born Susan Mink began her career as an illustrator and graphic artist in the 1970s London fashion and music scene. She later developed a passion for portraiture, in particular the English portrait miniature.

In 1991, Susan was selected for a ‘Business in Essex’ exhibition, attended by HRH The Prince of Wales. Susan also featured in the 2011 BBC2 production of ‘Jane Austen: the unseen portrait’ and had work selected for the Association of Illustrators’ coveted publication ‘Images 35 – the best of British illustration’.

Susan’s love of history and her interest in traditional materials and techniques continue to influence her work. She uses vellum, board, linen, animal glue and gesso, quite often mixing her own pigments.

Her recent paintings focus on the history of place and landscape and its relationship with people, in an attempt to capture the transience of time with an enigmatic view of the future.

Donald Monk by Susan Monk

Donald Monk by Susan Monk


Daphne Chandler and Lucinda Kelly will also be exhibiting as part of Great North Art Show 2014 portrait artists exhibition.


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